Monday, September 13, 2010

New windows, paint and a new local coffee shop!

Now the roof is on, the eaves gutters and trims are appearing. The Bifold doors in the front bedroom will let in streams of winter sun all day. While the scaffolding is still there the painters are following the builders down. On 1st September, a new coffee shop called Óur Haus', opened to a grateful suburb. It's only a block away, and we don't have to fight for a park in Oxford Street.

Lydia in the rafters

Lydia continues her daily inspections. She loves to run upstairs before us and proceeds to climb all over the rafters , disappearing and reappearing from all the roof spaces and cavities.

Taking shape

Views of the new roof and the old. I'm in the top bedroom and Mike's on the scaffolding outside and above it.