Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finished house

Hi everyone.
To see some professional photos. architects promo and testimonial, please go to and look for Hawthorne house.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project in any capacity. We are now enjoying a very livable house.

signing off,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Now in April

One year later and we're nearly done. Before I came to work today at midday, the kitchen glass splashback and the one in the butler's pantry, the display niche glass lining and the display cabinet under the bench in the family room all went in. So now a lot more light and reflection finishes the big room nicely. The only things to do in that room now are the pocket doors on the desk and refitting the range hood/ exhaust .

Also the black infills in the fences and portico with an entry gate were being fitted. The surveyers were also on site to see we hadn't gone over the boundaries or above the height restrictions. John, the architect, and I noted all the defects and touchups.

If the front door would open now the new carpet is in, we'd be thrilled.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Update

Sorry for the delays in blogging. A lot has happened both inside and out, but rain has hampered every aspect of the job. Cabinetry is going in, painting has been done, the roof is coming along slowly, paths are going in and the garage floor is coated. Still lots to do but we may move into the new part before Christams. After that , the men can go to town on stripping the old part, renewing wiring, walls and ceilings and finishing the guest ensuite.Fences and landscaping, driveways and clothes line will follow. The garage door will come in late January. It is a race against time to be ready for Summer visitors in January and February. Everyone involved wants the job completed. We're now in week 37!