Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Rubble Rat

Lydia loves to inspect every piece of rubble for cat treasure.

Old foundations

The last of the old foundations are almost gone. Digger will return on Monday to make way for the new front wall of the house.

Saturday 14th

The last day of the Ekka coincides with that of the old front stairs.

Electrical wiring

As the Ekka westerlies blow the walls are strengthened and the wiring goes in.

The roof trusses

As soon as the rain stopped the roof trusses arrived and went up. When will the roof be sealed?

Tuesday nights downpour

Grab the tarp and buckets, or anything that will hold water! The heaviest rain since 1870 something poured i through the bathroom window, via the new family room with no roof, and seeped along the vj ceiling of the lounge room. The saturated carpet came out to the skip a few days later.

The study and the old front stairs

As the study takes shape above the new entry, the old stairs under the little frot roof prepare to be demolished.

Opening the gable.

As the upstairs rooms take shape, the floor cuts into the roof of the old house. The black plastic will have to keep any rain out.

The stairs

The stairs only worked safely with the flat landing being pushed out to the boundary behind the garage.Now we can go up and down safely!

On a chilly July morning

.....we all climbed up to the level of the neighbouring flats, Jim,Julieanne, Bruce the builder, John the architect and Alexander the youngest of us all.

Looking out and in.

Lydia looks out of the bathroom and we look in at the front of the house.

On the second level

The views are extensive from up above the garage.

The kitchen

The kitchen is behind the garage and leads to the dining room and the front entry beyond.

The ladder

The ladder goes up behind the garage. Soon this will be the stairway with cupboards underneath, leading from near the kitchen to the landing above.

Indise the black plastic

Beside the garage is the new entry where the old dining room was. It connects to the old part beyond, the lounge behind the boarded -up ply wood. The new front door will be wider, looking out to the portico at the front.

View from next door

The dressing room over the laundry taken from the flats next door, up the hill.


The garage is where the old kitchen was, is now in front of the new kitchen, and can be seen from the verandah of the flats next door.

3 weeks later

Upstairs back bedroom, or Summer bedroom frame goes up over the family room, and the garage is boxed ready for the pour. Sorry for the delay in posts.